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Renault secret classic car collection

You may not realise but the boss manufacturer Renault has one of the largest classic car collections in Europe, as they have over 750 vehicles spanning over the companies 120-year history all in near working condition. The vehicles they store there can span between anything from a Renault Voturette to a Renault Estafette Ice cream van.

Renault's collection of classic vehicles is somewhere worth visiting if you ever happen to be passing through Paris, as its located at Renault's Flins factory just outside the cities centre.

5 impressing cars featured in their collection:

  1. 1924 Renault Type MH
  2. 1985 Renault 5 Maxi Turbo
  3. 1959 Renault Project 900
  4. 1981 Renault 4
  5. 1996 Renault Fiftie

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