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How To Stop Your Classic Car From Going Cold This Winter

How To Keep Your Classic Car Warm This Winter

This year’s temperatures have been higher than average but that is set to change. According to multiple media outlets the 2018-2019 winter period is set to be freezing and hazardously cold, meaning you and your classic car must be wrapped up nicely to subdue the effects of the cold weather.

To stop your classic car from feeling the effects of a truly cold and damp winter, we recommended you follow our steps to securing a healthy hibernation period for your classic vehicle.

Firstly, before storing your vehicle, you should take good care in giving it a good clean and polish as doing so will eliminate the chances of the paint being affected by the cover that will lay upon it acting as a permanent 3-month duvet. More importantly it will be the last time you will be able to take such joy in cleaning your classic car on your front drive, smiting pity upon others.

Once cleaned and polished your vehicle should be in stored in a garage with a good ventilation system to eliminate the risk of damp destroying the body work of your classic car. Most people who have a garage will have such a ventilation system already in place.

Topping up the pressure of the vehicles tyres is a great way to harden the rubber and eliminate the risk of damage and having to replace the tyre when warmer months return if the vehicle is stored for long periods of time, the weight of the vehicle is constantly placed on one singular spot of the tyre which can cause flat spots to form. We recommend adding about 20 psi of pressure to your tyres.

Next, tuck in your vehicle as you would yourself, nice and cosy but instead of using a heavy, thick blanket, we recommended using a lightweight, elasticated and breathable cover. Before applying the cover make one more check for any dust or dirt that is on the vehicle or cover itself. Leaving one of your cars windows open will eliminate the risk of odours building over the 3-month period!

Finally, it is a good idea to regularly start the car’s engine. Taking it for a quick spin occasionally will eliminate the risk of the car not being able to start when unmasked after the winter period. Making sure that the fuel tank is full will prevent the risk of corrosion within the fuel tank, and will hopefully prep your classic car, ready to hit the road as soon as the cold weather lifts!

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