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Frequently Asked Questions

Do classic car club members get discounted rates?

Insurers recognise that if you are a member of a classic car club it shows that you are passionate about your vehicle and therefore are likely to reward you with discounted cover. Often becoming a member of a classic car club can reduce your premium by up to 15%.

Can I use my no claims discount?

Most of our classic car insurance providers do not allow you to use no claims discount and base any discount on your driving history. These types of policies are not rated using no claims discount therefore, with most classic car insurers you will not end your policy with any additional no claims bonus. Some of our classic car specialists brokers can offer standard policies for classic cars enabling you to use your no claims bonus. We advise that you ask for further details when speaking to these companies.

What types of cover can I buy?

Like regular car insurance, there are a number of different types of classic car insurance:

Laid Up – If your car is off the road and SORN and kept in a garage with no miles added to the clock you may qualify for laid up cover. Cover may include accidental damage to the vehicle, damage to the vehicle by fire, theft of the vehicle and attempted theft damage.

Third Party – Third Party is the minimum legal requirement for all types of motor vehicles on the UK roads. It covers a situation where by, even if you were only partially to blame for an accident the insurer will pay for damaged to the other person’s vehicle, car or property as well as any injury. Third Party insurance however, provides no protection for any damage to yourself or your vehicle.

Third Party Fire and Theft – As well as Third party cover, you will also be covered in the event of your classic car being stolen or damaged by a fire.

Comprehensive – The highest but most expensive type of insurance, offers Third Party, Fire and Theft as well as damage or loss of your classic car.

Many classic car owners have these cars as a second vehicle and usually insure with low mileage selected. Typically classic car policies are available up to 5000 miles per year. At it's Classic Car Insurance our partners can cater for all requirements. 

Can I use my classic car for business purposes?

Like standard car insurance, classic car insurance offers a wide range of usage options including: Social, domestic and pleasure only. Social domestic and pleasure including commuting which enables you to use your vehicle for commuting to one place of work. If you require to use your vehicle to travel to multiple places of work then you will need to select Business use. All our insurance providers are specialist in their field and should be able to offer you a scheme to suit your needs.

Can I get a discount for low mileage, as my classic car is my second car?

At it’s classic car insurance we understand that many classic cars tend to be stored away for a large portion of the year, they can also be a relatively low mileage vehicles. When selecting a suitable insurer many offer a low mileage bonus, this will be reflected in the level of cover and the premium so it can be very beneficial.

Will my insurance be cheaper if I install a security system?

With most vehicle insurance there are different types of approved security devices that allow discounts. Thatcham category 2 or a manufacturer fitted immobiliser which usually carry around a 15% discount and Thatcham 1 security which carries a 20% discount. Our panel of approved providers offer various discounts depending on the type of security device fitted.

Do I need specialist classic car insurance cover?

It is a legal requirement for all cars on UK road to have suitable insurance cover. Although it is not essential for a classic car to be insured on a classic car policy, often this can be the most appropriate and cheapest cover. Our specialist providers know the essentials for a classic car policy as well as the areas to avoid. By speaking to one of our specialist insurance partners you can be sure to receive the right advice.

How do I compare quotes?

Our service provides 3 to 5 of our approved classic car insurance providers quotes. Although our quotes are instant, you will need to click through to each individual brand to purchase the insurance and we may need to speak to you to confirm policy information, giving you a chance to make amendments as well as the opportunity to ask any questions. We believe that the chance to speak to a representative minimises the risk of mistake within your policy and allows you to find the best policy at a competitive price.

Should I get several quotes for the same policy?

Having several quotes can enable you to understand your policy as well as make a decision to suit your needs. it’s classic car insurance provides several quotes for the same policy from different underwriters and brands  offering different levels of cover and policy benefits. It helps to find several quotes for the same policy, that way you are able to compare prices, cover and added extras.

What does ‘agreed value’ mean?

At it’s classic car insurance we know how much you cherish your car, which is why you can agree a valuation with the insurer for your vehicle. This is subject to terms and conditions and will depend on insurance provider. It is always best to speak to your insurance provider if you require an agreed value. 

If you have selected a policy with agreed value included and complied with all terms and conditions in the unfortunate event of your vehicle being subject to an accident or theft, where your car is beyond repair, you will receive the full value of your vehicle as agreed with the insurance company, not just the market value of your car.

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